Our Services

Our services

Thanks to the acceleration of technological development and the great revolution in the world of technology, Virtual Data IT offers you a wide range of important services in the field of information technology.

We at Virtual Data are dedicated to provide entrepreneurial services that give our customers the privilege of leadership and excellence.

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Our services

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Web applications industry:

Developing all APPs running with a web browser, or converting desktop-based applications to a web system for faster workflow and greater accessibility.

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Building websites:

Developing the companies websites and individuals websites,using a modern way. Taking into account the security aspect and providing maximum data protection to our clients.

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Building mobile applications:

Develop smartphone applications to meet the requirements of the application and a distinctive user experience in a modern elegant designs.

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Software consulting and business solutions:

providing advisory services to organisations that own software which needs to be developed or modified, or in cases of changing the way those organisations work to ensure the best use of precious resources and the best development solutions with the tiniest time and efforts.

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Cloud services:

Connecting organisations to cloud computing systems such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Firebase and others. Or create a private cloud system for the organization.

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UI and UX for programs and applications:

Designing user interfaces by experts matching with user experience to achieve the best view of the application and in a way that makes the user interested in it with comfortability.

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Identity Vision Industry Services:

Designing the logo of the organisation's or its products and build its visual identity according to the type of work it offers in a modern, attractive way.

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Virtual Data IT is an innovative solutions company, providing enterprise business solutions and enterprise services that help clients in crafting holistic value for their software development efforts.

We are a creative software company focused on security, quality, performance & luxury. Somewhere between sophistication and simplicity.

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