Successful System

Successful System

Electronic Exam System

A sophisticated online exam system that can be used both internally and across the Internet, offers significant advantages in the safekeeping and establishment of question banks. The system also contains significant statistical advantages that enable the examiner to know the level of the exam and its suitability to the level of students, as the examiner can determine the level of ease and difficulty of the exam by choosing the proportion of difficult, easy and medium questions.

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System Features:

01. Ease of preparing exams, storing and refer to them when needed.

02. Customize the level of each exam.

03. Determine the target group of the exam accurately.

04. Easy to enter, save and classify students in the system.

05. Drawing the students' grading curve and give scientific indicators about the suitability of the test to the level of students.

06. Extract accurate reports and statistics.

07. The system can be used within schools, institutes or universities and all educational institutions, and can be used online via the Internet.

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