Essyflow System

Essyflow System

workflow Management System

T he workflow management system allows the management of administrative processes in organizations and the distribution of tasks among the employees concerned and send alerts automatically to the concerned, in addition to monitor the performance of employees on the system and determine where to stop or slow down the work. It also has full readiness to replace the complex paper systems that are still working some organizations.

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System Features:

01. Provide an integrated digitization system for organizations

02. Manage and distribute the work to the concerned parties in a manner that ensures the proper functioning of the work.

03. Automatically send notifications and alerts to the concerned via email or SMS messages in addition to internal notifications.

04. Monitor staff performance and extract various performance reports quickly and flexibly.

05. Allocation according to the needs of the beneficiary organization.

06. Flexible, attractive, modern design, works on different screen sizes.

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